Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is probably the most common type of tile.It is also the least expensive.Ceramic tile can be used just about anywhere;floors,walls,tile showers,kitchen back splashes,fireplaces,etc.There are many styles,colors,and sizes to choose from and it should be easy to find one for your particular project.

When choosing a floor tile ,make sure it has a hardness rating of 3 or above.The latest trend in floor tiles are the larger tiles.16 inch tiles are common these days and look good in larger rooms such as,kitchens,dining rooms,family rooms,and finished basements.The larger tiles tend to make the room look even bigger,I don't know how that works,they just do.Another advantage of the larger tiles is that there are less grout lines,which means less areas to maintain.(your grout should be sealed)

Whether you prefer the larger tiles or not is just a matter of preference.The standard size for ceramic floor tiles is twelve inches.These are the most common and will have the most styles to choose from.

Ceramic tiles are also well suited for bathroom floors,walls,and showers.The sizes vary from 4x4,6x6,8x8,and also rectangular wall tile,6x8,8x10,etc.

Ceramic tile is the most economical way to tile your home.Just because it is cheaper than porcelain and marble does not mean that it is not durable.Porcelain is stronger than ceramic,but if you buy a quality ceramic tile and it is installed properly,it should still last a lifetime.

Ceramic Tile Floor

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Ceramic Tile Stall Shower

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