Tile Floors

Pepe Tile installs all types of Tile Flooring.There are two main types of tile floor installation;installing tile over a wooden sub-floor, and installing tile on a concrete slab.

When installing tile over a wooden subfloor,you must use a cement backerboard.Some brands of backerboard include hardi-backer,durock,and wonderboard.These prevent flexibility in the floor to keep the tiles from cracking.

marble tile bathroom floor-pine hill,nj-picture by pepe tile installation-tile contractor,nj

Tiles are installed on the backerboard by using a premium grade thinset mortar.When installing on a concrete slab,no backerboard is needed.

Prior to installation,wood sub-floors must be checked for squeaks or uneven areas and these areas are addressed by leveling and screwing down the sub-floor.

When installed correctly,a tile floor should last a lifetime,so the initial cost pays for itself over time.With this in mind,choosing the right tile is important.There are many tpes of tile to choose from,the most common being ceramic,porcelain,and marble.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are rated for hardness.The PEI rating determines the hardness of the tile,rated from a one to a five.Five is the strongest.When buying tile,make sure it has a hardness rating of 3 or above.

Another consideration when choosing a tile is the texture.Tiles with a rough texture are less slippery when wet.If this is a concern,avoid tiles with a shiny,glazed surface.

Whatever your floor tiling needs may be, Pepe Tile Installation can provide professional installation, guaranteed work, and an affordable price!

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