Porcelain Tile

Pepe Tile Installation provides professional installation of Porcelain Tile.

If you are looking for a tile that is more durable than ceramic,then porcelain tile is the way to go.Most porcelain tiles have a hardness rating of 4 or 5 which means they can stand up to any type of residential traffic.

Porcelain tiles can be made to look like marble or natural stone with the advantage of less maintenance.The tiles themselves do not need to be sealed,but natural stone and unfinished marble need to be sealed periodically.

Porcelain comes in two types:Glazed porcelain,where there is a glazed surface on the tile that is usually a different color than the backing,and solid porcelain,where the color is consistent all the way through the tile.The advantage of solid porcelain is that it does not show signs of wear.

Most porcelain tiles require a standard grout joint that uses sanded grout.However,porcelain tiles that resemble marble have a square edge and they are installed with a small grout joint like marble and require non sanded grout.

Overall,porcelain is extremely durable and low maintenance.(Only the grout needs to be sealed)Investing in porcelain tile for your home should be considered a lifetime investment.

If you are planning on installing porcelain tile in your home, call Pepe Tile Installation today for a free,in home estimate!

Porcelain tile kitchen floor

Porcelain tile floor-mount laurel,nj

Porcelain tile foyer

picture of porcelain tile foyer-cherry hill,nj-photo by pepe tile installation,tile contractor,nj

Porcelain Tile Porch

Porcelain tile can be used outdoors

outdoor porcelain tile,delran,nj-photo by pepe tile installation-tile contractor,nj